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Wrap Me - Travel Wrap

Wrap Me - Travel Wrap

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W R A P  M E - T R A V E L  W R A P

The ultimate travel companion-

Wrap, knot, throw, picnic, beach- where ever the day takes you!

Crafted from 100% Organic cotton voile


Made In Australia


Size 135x135cm

Garment Care

Can I clean raffia? YES

Raffia is water-resistant; it can be wet without changing the integrity of the fibre. With a bit of gentleness, you can hand-wash it using natural detergents. Please avoid any chemical cleaners as they may stain the raffia and cause discolouration. Rinse well under clear water and always allow to air-dry thoroughly.


  • sometimes, just a quick spot clean using a damp cloth will suffice.
  • in the case of a greasy stain, soak in warm soapy water before rubbing with a soft sponge. Rinse well and again; always allow to air-dry thoroughly.


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